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Teen Power Hour

Welcome to our Teen Strength and Conditioning Class – the ultimate fitness journey crafted just for teens! In this dynamic after-school program, we focus on empowering young individuals to discover the strength within themselves. Our expert trainers blend exciting workouts with foundational strength training techniques to cultivate not only physical resilience but also foster mental fortitude.

Geared towards teens aged 13-18, our classes provide a supportive and energetic environment where each participant can thrive. Whether you're an aspiring athlete, new to working out or just looking to boost overall wellness, our Teen Strength and Conditioning Class is designed to enhance endurance, build functional strength, and promote a positive attitude towards fitness.


With a variety of exercises tailored to suit individual abilities, our program aims to instill a love for an active lifestyle while emphasizing proper form and injury prevention. Join us for a transformative experience that goes beyond physical fitness – it's about building confidence, resilience, and a lifelong commitment to well-being. Let's unlock your potential together and make every workout a step towards a stronger, more empowered you!

For best results, our trainers recommend attendance 2 times per week for a minimum 4 week commitment. Pick the days that work for you Monday-Thursday, 3:45-4:45. 

$245 for 8 sessions

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